Hegemony Project Dialogues

Thursday, September 20, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (CT)
MSC Birch
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Virginia Lea

E-Race and E-Radicate Stereotypes Dialogues are held monthly with chosen topics of discussion that are current and relevant to our students; we delve deeply into topics through the lens of cultural hegemony, the power which persuades us to think the dominant narrative is normal, natural, and common sense. We strive to establish a safe environment during our dialogues and encourage our participants to share their personal, lived experiences.

The Hegemony Project is a University of Wisconsin-Stout initiative designed to support students in recognizing how and why inequities have developed and are reproduced at the university level and in the wider society, and to develop strategies for greater equity and inclusion. The Hegemony Project Team includes UW-Stout students, faculty and staff. We facilitate multiple events during the academic year, including E-Race and E-Radicate Stereotypes Dialogues and our end of the year, Breaking Barriers Conference. 


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